Welcome to our portfolio case study featuring Mumtree, a wooden toys production and playzone company dedicated to fostering creativity and connection with the environment through play. Our collaboration with Mumtree aimed to redefine their brand identity to better align with their vision of encouraging children to enjoy and connect with wooden toys, rather than plastic alternatives. Client Background: Mumtree is passionate about creating a sustainable and enriching play experience for children. With a focus on wooden toys, Mumtree aims to promote environmental consciousness and tactile learning through play. However, their previous brand identity was hindering their ability to convey their values effectively. Project Scope: Our collaboration with Mumtree involved reimagining their brand identity to better reflect their ethos and values. The goal was to create a bold and distinctive identity that would help Mumtree stand out in the market while emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. Brand Identity Creation: Drawing inspiration from Mumtree’s dedication to fostering care and connection, we developed a new brand identity centered around the concept of nurturing and support. The new wordmark features a bold and expressive “M” symbolizing the embrace of a mother’s hands, cradling and supporting growth. This imagery serves as a powerful metaphor for Mumtree’s commitment to providing children with a nurturing and enriching play experience. Results: The new brand identity has enabled Mumtree to better communicate its values and mission to its audience. By embracing a bold and distinctive visual identity, Mumtree stands out as a brand that prioritizes sustainability, quality, and the well-being of children. The new wordmark not only symbolizes care and support but also serves as a memorable and recognizable emblem of Mumtree’s commitment to fostering creativity and connection through play.
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