The Plastic Art Project is a unique initiative taken by Ideoholics Design Studio to bring the Community of Common Citizens and Artists on one platform to spread awareness and drive engagement through interactive sessions, games & activities and creative workshops.

The goal of the project is to save the environment from the disastrous effects of Plastic. Although there are many recyclers, and new technologies coming up to convert the plastic trash into something useful, yet there are challenges and gaps there. Yet, only 9% Plastic globally gets recycled. Change can not be seen if it’s happening only at the policy level. It is highly important that every person understands that he/ she is continuously contributing to the problem, and there is a way in which each of us can become part of the solution. There are more than 256 varieties of plastic and recycling requires segregation of plastics based on their types. So, a lot of types of such plastics which are not recyclable end up in the landfills and eventually either get burned up, releasing extremely harmful toxic gases or continue to pollute the land and life around for centuries. Birds and animals are commonly seen eating plastic in lieu of food.  Plastic takes more than 400years before it breaks down in the form of micro-plastic, which then enters the bodies of both animals and humans and is now even seen in human bloodstream.

The goal of the project is to spread awareness about the problem and solutions by creatively translating waste plastic into Art in the form of Wall Murals and Sculptures and create a culture around Waste Segregation in India.
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