Creating a holistic identity for
a religious tech startup

Creating a holistic identity for
a religious tech startup

Creating a holistic identity for
a religious tech startup
Dumru…. infinite world of divinity

The challenge was to create an identity for this religious tech startup in a way as to consolidate religion. 
With a mission to promote all aspects of Hindu religion, culture and traditions, make people experience religion beyond faith and equip all religious stakeholders engage and collaborate through a single technology platform, they wanted an identity that in able to capture the essence, in a unified and holistic identity. The company “Yajamahe Ventures” was confused and unsure of their selected brand name “Dumru” and how they can take it forward. 

Religious Tech Startup

Damru is a symbol of infinity (the endless time). It represents that the universe is expanding and collapsing. From where it is expanding , it is collapsing there only. its an endless process.
Damru symbolizes the Universe which is always expanding and collapsing. From an expansion it collapses and then it re-expands, this is the process of creation. If you see your heartbeat, it is not just one straight line but it is a rhythm that goes up and down. The whole world is nothing but rhythms; energy rising and collapsing to rise again. So the damru signifies that. The shape of the damru, from expansion it collapses and again expands.

The damru is also a symbol of sound. Sound is rhythm and sound is energy. The whole universe is nothing but a wave function, it is nothing but rhythms. What does quantum physics say? It says the same thing – the whole universe is nothing but rhythms. It is just one wave (Adviata). So the damru signifies the non-dual nature of the universe.

The process started with a brand strategy session, narrowing down on a clear and precise Vision and Mission statements, defiing the values and personality traits for the brand.  We discussed over the possibilities of a few other names and strategies around finding an alternate name for the brand. 
After elaborate discussions and research, we concluded that it would be rather better to stick to the name, Dumru as it encompasses the necessary traits required for the correct positioning of the brand. 
We delved deeper into the study of various different religious symbols used across the world and if we could drive inspiration from any of those. As part of the logo exploration process, we created multiple sketches and explored different approches. 
The final concept that clicked and felt right was to blend the form of a damru ( an instrument used by Lord Shiva to create rythmic sounds) and blend it with the symbol of infinity.
After multiple form explorations, the blending of the form of the damru with the infinity symbol was finalised, where both are created with a single stroke.

infinite beliefs > one faith
infinite rituals > one purpose
infinite temples > one energy
infinite ways > one purpose
infinite stories > one truth

Yajamahe Ventures Pvt. Ltd.:
Ev depolama Ucuz nakliyat
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